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Graphic Designer, Videographer, Web Developer, Photographer

I am Frank Townsend. Since I was a kid, technology has always fascinated me and still does. I started building computers and tinkering with them around 8 with my father, who is an audio and video engineer, showing me the ins and outs. From then on, I started learning everything from photography to programing and today, I have experience in photography, videography, audio recording, web development, and animation. I have experience and knowledge coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Objective-C, and Java. I currently am learning backend languages to become a full stack developer. I also have helped produce multiple local TV shows, such as Wish Upon A Song and Dream Big, and Pageants, Miss West Central Ohio and Miss West Central Ohio Outstanding Teen.

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Web Design

Need a website? I got you covered, from one pagers to multi-level pages.


Need a logo or design? Covered.


From three camera shoots to commercial editing.


I can pretty much take professional photos and can process the images.


Need a song or vocal recorded? Come on down to the studio!


Need help bringing your idea to life? That's why I'm here.


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321 E 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio